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1 / Why do you provide services virtually?

I provide services virtually because it provides increased access (anyone from Ontario can attend), flexibility and convenience for my clients. (3/3 of my dogs also agree I should be providing services virtually.) In addition, the research has found that virtual services are equally as effective as traditional in person services (e.g., Barak et al., 2008). That said, virtual services are not everyone's preference and it is important that you receive the treatment that is the best fit for you. If we start virtual services and they are not to your liking, I will be happy to provide referrals to clinicians who provide in person services. 

2 / Are your services covered by insurance?

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist, so if your insurance covers psychologists then psychological services with me will be covered. Almost all insurance plans that cover psychotherapy or assessment cover services provided by a psychologist. Please consult your insurance plan to understand what services they cover (e.g., psychotherapy, psychological asessment), from what providers (e.g., psychologists), and how much coverage they offer. Any portion of the fees not eligible for insurance coverage may be eligible to be claimed on your taxes. 

3 / What is your privacy policy?

Please find my personal health information and privacy policy here. If we work together, this information is also outlined on my informed consent form.

4 / What is your cancellation policy?

The full session fee will be charged for any sessions that are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Please note that missed or cancelled sessions will not be eligible for reimbursement by insurance.

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