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I provide online therapy and assessment to adults and couples in Ontario. I look forward to learning about the challenges you’re facing, your life journey, and your gifts and hopes for the future.

Online Therapy in Ontario with Dr. Jenn Hunter

The Benefits of Online Therapy in Ontario

Online therapy has many benefits. I provide online psychotherapy and assessment in Ontario because it allows for increased access (anyone from Ontario can attend), flexibility and convenience for my clients. Crucially, the research has found that virtual services are equally as effective as traditional in person services (e.g., Barak et al., 2008; Fernandez et al., 2021), so these benefits come without any reduction in quality of service. In today’s busy world, virtual psychotherapy is available to help support you in your goals - without making you compromise on others.


That said, online therapy is not everyone's preference and it is important that you receive the treatment that is the best fit for you. If you try online counselling and it is not to your liking, I will be happy to provide referrals to clinicians who provide in person services. 

What Can You Expect From an Online Therapy Session?

During an online therapy session, you can expect to have my undivided attention as we work together to explore you - your concerns, your strengths and what you want from your life. What the session looks like varies from client to client, as together we will develop a customized treatment plan based on your needs and preferences. I draw mostly from Emotion Focused Therapy, which involves working together to access your painful feelings so that we can explore and resolve them. (A common EFT saying is “you have to go to a place in order to leave it.”) I also draw heavily on Narrative Therapy, which privileges the client’s knowledge and expertise, and supports clients to rewrite the stories that larger entities and systems may have authored. In terms of what online counselling sessions look like practically, my sessions are 50 minutes long, and I use an online program called “OWL.” If we work together, I will create an OWL account for you where you can log in to join our virtual psychotherapy video calls (therapy is also available by phone if that’s your preference), view scheduled appointments, and download invoices and receipts. I try to ensure that everything is in one place for you so that we can focus more on therapy and less on administrative details.


You can learn more about what to expect from online therapy by exploring the particular type of service in which you are interested:


You can also learn more about what to expect from online therapy by exploring the types of therapy we offer:


You can also learn more about what to expect from online therapy by exploring examples of some conditions we treat:

Meet the Online Therapy Team

My name is Dr. Jennifer Hunter

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist, and I look forward to meeting you. I am a kind person who listens closely and celebrates human connection and transformation. I believe that growth is always possible, and that it’s never too late to step out of our limiting patterns. I have an unending enthusiasm for the power and kindness of people, and the possibility for human connection to help us withstand the difficulties and suffering that life/oppressive systems/our current way of living can bring.

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Book a Free Online Therapy Consultation

Please use the contact form below to get in touch if you would like to book a free initial 20 minute conversation or ask any questions. I welcome questions and comments from folks at all stages of their journey, whether you’re researching options, curious about therapy, or ready to book an appointment.

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